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17th December 2009

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Cause and Effect Essay: Teenage Pregnancy: What caused this?

November 25, 2009

Teenage Pregnancy is one of the most alarming issues in our world today. Many adolescents nowadays engage themselves in sexual intercourse with their partners just to be “in” with their friends. Interestingly, some developed countries even celebrate early teenage pregnancy, as it is a clear sign of fertility. But generally, a girl having been pregnant before adulthood is critically looked down with shame. Basically, teenage pregnancy occurs due to the following reasons: consequences of raging hormones, peer group pressure, and contraceptive failure.

Firstly, consequences of raging hormones may result in teenage pregnancy. Why? It is because the adolescent stage is where experience sudden and unknown emotions. According to an online article entitled “What Causes Teenage Pregnancies”, in this stage of growth also, there is a huge influx of hormones that cause emotions to rage and change among adolescents. Teens also feel a natural sense of rebelling against the set norms and rules. All this, coupled with a sudden sense of fresh-found liberation and sexuality, results in giving vent to their feelings through sexual experiences.

Secondly, peer group pressure is another root of early pregnancy. Most teenagers opt to have sexual intercourse because they need to achieve the acceptance given by the CIRCLE of FRIENDS. Still according to the article previously mentioned, the only way to be accepted is to have relationship with the opposite sex and have sexual relations. In some developed countries, teenagers face too much peer pressure to start having sex at a very young adolescent age. This kind of promiscuous behavior may lead to unwanted teenage pregnancies.

Lastly, teenage pregnancy is caused by contraceptive failure. This is another basic reason for teenage pregnancy. Many brands and types of contraceptives are available in the market easily. But according to the article “What Causes Teenage Pregnancies”, contraceptives are NEVER a guarantee for complete safety. Since teens are still growing and young, they still lack knowledge in using these. They even misuse these. Therefore, this behavior leads to early pregnancies.

There are still many reasons why teenage pregnancy occurs. Whatever these reasons are, the event of having a baby at an early age can be highly traumatic. Thus, proper education for sexuality must be taught to students not only in school but also at home. Parents should give their children a balanced home atmosphere because it is their responsibility as parents. By this, teenage pregnancies would be reduced.


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~ I found it hard to write this essay because first of all, I haven’t experienced this, i don’t have ideas with teenage pregnancies, and lastly, I don’t like this topic. Even though those were the cases, i have been able to write and made a good essay out of my researches. I am satisfied with the outcome of my essay. I still need to improve this by still researching for more references in order to come up with an accurate and factual essay.

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